If nobody sees your campaign, then you won’t be able to share your story and convince people. What you need is a communication strategy that combines impact with a convincing message. Which is exactly what we excel at at Twoons.

Make no mistake: big words don’t make you sound smarter. On the contrary even.

Simple but smart

The simpler your communication, the more convincing you’ll be. Your communication strategy should therefore be crystal clear. Because it pays off: think carefully and you’ll see the way forward, paving the way for a good campaign. With great results.


In recent years, Twoons developed its own method. No rocket science, just common sense.

  1. Your positioningWhy are you doing what you do with your company?
  2. Your target groupWho do you want to reach? And how will you do this?
  3. Your goalWhat must your target group do or think after having seen your campaign? And how does your campaign help you achieve your business goals?
  4. Your communication campaignWhat do you intend to say? Where exactly? And which channels will you use for this?
  5. Your communications budgetHow much should you invest in media? How much in production? How much in advertising and promotion? What is the direct impact on your sales?


Bad service? Oh dear. Suddenly Twitter and Facebook are awash with negative reviews. What to do? Keep calm and call Twoons. We will help you navigate through minor and major crises. With tips, tools and a crisis hotline.