Once you have defined your communication strategy, you know exactly what to say and to whom. But how you say it is just as important. Have Twoons write your copy. You can choose between copywriting or content writing. In both cases, the objective is the same: to convince your customers.

Copywriting sells

A slogan for your company? An ad about your latest promotion? A radio ad? You want people to buy your product or service now. The only way to achieve this is with powerful commercial copy. Every word has to hit home. Our copywriting targets your customers. Compelling them to buy.

Content writing seduces

Content writing is all about the long term: you want to share your expertise in a blogpost, on social media or in an editorial. Are you knowledgeable? Then you’ll be top of mind with your customers. Our content writing will seduce them with the right words. Ensuring they reach for their wallets in the future

Content writing seduces your customers with the right words. Copywriting makes them buy.

What about other content?

Content marketing involves so much more than content writing. A video testimonial by a satisfied customer or a PR stunt is just another form of content. Twoons examines what is the most suitable form of content for your product or service. And then we create it.