Making it into the media. Every Miss dreams of it – and why slate her for it? The attention you get after a newspaper article or TV report is often invaluable. That is why Twoons has invested so much time and energy in its press relations over the past few years. And now you can reap the benefits of this.

Make the news with… news

How to ensure that a journalist selects your message rather than your competitor’s? This is not a question of luck. Instead it’s all about new and personalised content. Because journalists also like to score with news. Twoons seduces them with new facts, striking figures and well-written press releases.

Always score with your PR

Everyone can buy media space. But free media space is even better. Good PR gets you in the papers for free. Which is even better for your credibility and your communication budget.

How we launch a successful PR-marketing:

  1. Draw up a PR strategy
  2. Gather press contacts
  3. Create targeted content
  4. Send press releases
  5. Organise interviews
  6. Respond to editorial themes
  7. Agree on media deals such as contests, advertorials or barter agreements
  8. Monitor and screen the PR coverage obtained
Crisis communication is very similar to insurance: you hope that you’ll never need it, but you always have it.

PR creates added value, even in times of crisis

Prevention is better than a cure. Which explains why crisis communication is such a crucial aspect of a good communication strategy. So that you know exactly how to respond when you suddenly find yourself in the eye of the media for all the wrong reasons.

We establish a communications procedure with your communications and media relations officer. You will also be given a set of tools that you can use in a crisis communication.