There are more than 10 million Belgians online – yup, almost everyone in Belgium in other words. A whopping 7.5 million use social media. And 84% rely on their smartphone for this. These are just a few figures but you get the bigger picture: Belgians have never been more digital. Which is why you should wholeheartedly embrace this evolution.

But first you’ll need a digital strategy

Website, social media, newsletters. Just like you have an offline strategy, you also need an online one. One thing is certain: Twoons ensures you’ll benefit – financially or with leads.

You’re more vulnerable online. Which is why you need a strong digital strategy.

YOU WON’t get any closer to your customer than this

People tend to share their opinion more freely online. Which makes you very vulnerable as a business. That is why Twoons wants to provide you with specific digital solutions:

With content plans with a clear goal

With social media management that increases the sympathy for your brand

With websites and landing pages that clearly communicate what you have to offer

With e-mailings that convince people to buy your product

With Google Ads that direct more visitors to your website or landing page