Twoons regularly organizes crisis communication exercises for us and these always make us realize that we never can be sufficiently prepared for the possible impact of a crisis on our reputation.

Gert-Jan Merkx



As a construction company, we attach great importance to safety and good communication. Unfortunately, crisis situations are never excluded. That is why we have drawn up a crisis communication plan together with Twoons.

Loïc Verstraeten

Williemen Groep

Media relations

Twoons assists us with the preparation and distribution of press releases. The result is impressive: every year we harvest around 100 positive articles about SPIE Belgium in the Belgian media.

Jean-Pierre Martin

SPIE Belgium

Social media management

Since Twoons supports us with our Facebook page, we have seen a remarkable increase in followers, likes and reach.

Frank Schurer

Triflex België

Email marketing

Together with Twoons we recently launched a newsletter and are currently achieving a click-through ratio of around 10%, or more than 8% higher than the average in our sector … Email marketing does work.

Marc De Koninck

HM Projects

Email marketing

At CARBU.COM we inform tens of thousands of energy consumers every day about the changing fuel prices by e-mail. Twoons helps us in carrying out this job in an efficient way.

Stéphane Hougardy

Fuel Media Service


Twoons showed us that blog articles enable us to respond effectively to current news items that are important to our customers.

Chris Heyvaert



The blog content that Twoons develops for us clearly underlines our expertise and our solution-oriented approach towards customers.

Bart Corryn


Media relations

In recent months we have met a lot of relevant journalists thanks to Twoons. This resulted in qualitative coverage for Vitis Life.

Filip Potteau

Vitis Life BB