You can devise all the content, press releases and communications strategies that you want. But if you never measure the impact of your campaign, you’ll never know how to do better next time. There’s only one way forward: measure, evaluate and adjust.

The main aspect of your campaign comes after your campaign: which results did it produce?

Start by measuring the impact

A communications strategy requires an investment. We can see how you would want to know whether it produced results.  In the short term: which Facebook post garnered the most likes? Long term: how many additional products did I sell?

Twoons monitors dashboards, conducts surveys and makes adjustments. We immediately apply quick wins. And take other learnings on board for future campaigns.

Increase the impact

It’s not rocket science: there’s only one way to increase the impact of your campaign and that is by measuring continually. Which is exactly what we do. And even after we’ve adapted your campaign, we continue to analyse it. Making new adjustments. Analysing it again. And so on.

This is very straightforward online, but Twoons also measures the impact of your campaign offline. Did your sales increase after you sent out a press release? Which version of your mailing scored best? How many requests for quotes did you receive after your blogpost? We monitor all this very closely.