How to increase your brand awareness?

As a sales or marketing manager, your CEO wants to see results. Meaning figures. Figures that prove how good your product or service is selling. An essential condition for sales is brand awareness: if nobody knows that you’re selling something, your sales will flounder. Which is why you need to generate more brand awareness, to use a fancy word.

Leonidas, Twegos and Vitis Life Belgian Branch increased their brand awareness thanks to Twoons.

With one tennis ball

Twoons defines the benefits of your product or service together with you. Which of your customers’ problems do you solve? And then we distil one clear message. Just the one. Because however much you’d like to include more message in your campaign, this never works.

Compare it to tennis balls: if we throw one tennis ball at you, chances are you’ll catch it. But if we throw ten at the same time, you won’t catch any. Limit your communication to one message and your customers will remember it more easily.

With one communication plan

Is your message clear? Then we will draw up an action plan that is just as clear, in line with your budget. Increasing the brand awareness of your product or service, with the right people and companies. And to know whether our approach is the right one, we always measure the impact. Making adjustments were necessary.