How can I generate more leads?

Copywriting sells, content writing seduces. Therein lies the secret of how to generate more leads: with content. Twoons checks where your customers are, both online and offline, and which content you need to seduce them. Compare it to fishing: a blog or Facebook post lures customers to your brand, a targeted offer will make them bite.

Planet-eco, HM Projects and AT3-team Architecten generated more leads thanks to Twoons.

Regularly share content

The more content you share, the faster you’ll become top of mind. And the more customers will be inclined to think of you when they want to buy your product. There is no ultimate guideline for content marketing. But our starting premise is simple: if you have something to say, then say it. Even if you do it every day.

Have someone create your content for you

Developing content yourself is anything but easy. You’re not used to it, don’t have the time or find being creative difficult. Twoons will devise a content calendar for you. We use it to plan in advance which content we will be sharing where.

E.g., a daily Facebook post, a weekly e-mail, a monthly blogpost. Another thing that works: a dedicated landing page, results-oriented Google ads and tactical posts on LinkedIn. We check it and monitor it.