Three organizations that suffered reputational damage due to poor crisis management:

  • Ferrero Rocher – 2022 – Reason: Salmonella outbreak in production lines resulting in consumer contamination
  • Vivalia – 2022 – Reason: Cybercrime resulting in loss of hospital patient data
  • Galapagos – 2022 – Reason: Restructuring resulting in worldwide job losses
No company, large or small, is immune to a crisis situation in today’s circumstances.

Yet, preventive crisis management is often overlooked or neglected…

  • It’s too expensive
  • It’s not necessary
  • ‘We’ll see when the time comes’
  • ‘We’ve never had anything happen before’
  • ‘It won’t happen to us’

Every day, one or more companies are affected by a crisis. Therefore, it’s crucial to pay attention to an efficient approach to dealing with crises. Why?

In an era of digital connectivity and social media, the reputation of organizations is constantly under pressure. The rapid spread of news via social media and real-time news reporting, combined with the widespread use of mobile technology, has heightened the expectations and attention of investors, executives, and shareholders.

Every crisis can now be swift and devastating to an organization’s image and value. It’s therefore crucial for organizations to be well-prepared for crises and to implement effective crisis management and communication strategies to protect their reputation and business continuity.

The following actions can help you get started:

  • Organize an exercise to test your procedures
  • Identify the most plausible crisis situations your organization may face
  • Compile contact lists of organizations, experts, and external parties that may be useful when disaster strikes

Check below how we can potentially assist you and your company.

Our services

Analysis of Crisis Preparedness:

We conduct a thorough analysis of your existing crisis management procedures and systems.

Based on this analysis, we formulate recommendations to improve your crisis preparedness, aiming to prepare your organization for potential emergencies.

Guidance for Crisis Management:

We offer guidance to optimize your existing crisis management procedures.

This includes workshops, training sessions, and exercises – tabletop and full-scale – to prepare your team to effectively respond to crises and increase your organization’s resilience.

Development of Crisis Management Procedures:

If necessary, we develop crisis management procedures ‘from scratch’, fully tailored to the specific needs and characteristics of your organization.

These procedures include everything your organization needs to effectively combat a crisis:

  • Risk assessment
  • Threshold determination
  • Composition of the crisis management team
  • Notification and activation procedures
  • Decision-making processes
  • Action plan

Crisis Communication:

We offer a comprehensive range of crisis communication services.

This includes critical analysis of existing communication plans, scenario development, and the preparation of all necessary documents, such as press releases, key messages, Q&As, and crisis response protocols.

We also offer training sessions in specific crisis communication techniques such as bridging, AIR, or stealing thunder.

Why choose Twoons Agency?

Our experienced team of crisis management experts is ready to guide and support your organization at every step of the process.

We provide tailor-made solutions tailored to the unique needs and challenges of your organization.

Our focus is on creating resilient organizations capable of effectively responding to crisis situations and protecting their reputation.

We have improved the crisis response structure of numerous organizations in the construction sector, the food industry, the utility sector, and the healthcare sector.